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Photo of Despierta America Cast | 9/5/2012 (1 of 1). By YogaFrogCaps

Well, its been about a month since Chiqui said goodbye to her hosting duties on Despierta America. I wanted to wait awhile to see how things would turn out.


With the way this show’s format has changed from day to day in the past year, the viewers really just don’t know what to expect. This has led me to use the phrase “consistently inconsistent”, whenever anyone asks me about the show.


It reminds me of a young person who is trying to “find themselves”. So that individual will try new things, just to try them until he/she finds out what works best.


Since this past year has been such a roller coaster for the show, I’m not 100% convinced that Chiqui will not return to Despierta America at some point. The real test will be after the Mira Quien Baila show wraps up. So, the wait continues.


What Has Changed On The Despierta America Show?

So what’s up with the show now? Has anything changed? Well, first off I gotta give HUGE props to Ana Patricia Gonzalez for basically filling in Chiqui’s role. Ana has definitely come a long way since she first started on the show. Currently she seems to be much more comfortable with the rest of the hosts.


Now that she seems to be playing a more prominent role on the show, it would be nice if they retired the whole Lupita Powers persona. I just feel that it is no longer needed.



Initial Thoughts on Cristina Blackwell

I’m not sure how I feel about Miss Blackwell. To me, its just so blatantly obvious as to why she was added to the show. I just feel that adding her to do the weather was not a good choice.


Different Point Of View

Photo of Cristina Blackwell on Despierta America | 9/5/2012 (1 of 1). By YogaFrogCapsIn order for you to understand what I’m saying, I really need you to step back and take off your “OMG SHE IS SO FINE” glasses. Take a minute and actually observe her Meteorologist skills.


Yeah…I know that will be hard for 98% of you. If you can’t or are unable to do that, you need to stop reading right now.


That being said…there is NO WAY you can sit there and tell me with a straight face that she was a good replacement for Paola.


There is no question that Miss Blackwell is improving the more she does it. But in my opinion, she is definitely out of place in front of the green screen. She seems 100% more comfortable when she is on the couch with the rest of the cast. To me, that is when she really shines.


I’m not from Texas, so until she joined Despierta America I had never heard of her. But I would be insanely surprised if she was doing the weather on her previous show. If she was, then it must of been for only a short time.


Why Not Cast Miss Blackwell As Host?

Photo of Cristina Blackwell on Despierta America | 9/28/2012 (1 of 1). By YogaFrogCapsThe question now is why? Why have her do the weather and not just start her off doing a small segment? Why are they having her do the weather and also involving her in other segments? They didn’t do that with the previous weather reporter…why start now?


In my opinion this proves that Miss Blackwell shouldn’t be doing the weather reports and they just don’t know where to place her. I would rather see them ice the entire weather segment all together. Shocked? I mean why not? Many segments on Despierta America have been put on ice, so what is one more?


Now that Ana seems to be a main host, I think they should give Miss Blackwell the Deja segment. I KNOW she would shine there. Unfortunately we will never know the “why”. It would be cool to know if there was an actual interviewing process, to see who she was up against. But if I had to guess, I think someone approached her about the position.


Either way, Miss Blackwell’s move to Despierta America has been a HUGE career move and I congratulate her on it. Anytime a local person gets to go national, that’s a very big deal. There is no question that she has made a rather large impact to a certain demographic of the show.


Please don’t think I am attacking her. That is definitely not my intent, I just feel that she could have hit the ground running if they put her on the couch. Currently she seems to be trying to get “up to speed” doing the weather.




Other than that, the show really hasn’t changed that much since Chiqui’s departure. Which could only mean one thing. SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! Yeah…I can feel it in my bones! Whether its positive or negative…something is about to go down. Again like I always say, “consistently inconsistent”. But hey…this is the formula for a successful show, because at the end of the day…the ratings numbers don’t lie.


As long as none of this craziness effects Satcha Pretto, I will be fine. I put Satcha very high on a pedestal. Her awesomeness just can’t be denied! She does so many positive things and is a great role model for anyone wanting to do what she does.


I can’t help but wonder though you know? I mean, how does she feel about the show and the constant changes since she has joined. Also, I always pictured her going to a more serious news show. Similar to Ilia Calderon.


Alright…that concludes this random thoughts segment.


Please let me know what you think about all this by leaving a comment below.  Thank you for reading.  Peace




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