Maria Eugenia Payan Voting on Despierta America – 11/5/2012

Photos of Maria Eugenia Payan voting on today’s Despierta America show.

Tomorrow is Election Day! Don’t be a chump! Get out there and vote…

Special shout out to all the early birds down in Florida who waited 3+ hours just to vote!

Happy voting everyone…


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  1. Kristoff says:

    Ha ha! Awesome post for USA Election Day.

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Thanks. The line to vote was INSANE!

      How was it in your area?

      • Kristoff says:

        I’m from a not-that-urban area – as long as I don’t feel the need to queue up to vote the moment polls open at 7am, I barely ever have to deal with a line. I think maybe in 2008 I might have had to be in line for 5 minutes or so…

        No huge surprises in the results, as far as I can tell. (Thanks to Nate Silver! Haha)

  2. Count Istvan says:

    My line was non existent as well. What ever was going on in some of these states has to be fixed. It’s absolute silliness.