Satcha Pretto on Primer Impacto – 1/23/2013

Here is a new cap set of Despierta America anchor Satcha Pretto. This one is special as she stopped by the Primer Impacto set to do a report.


It was really good to see Satcha on Primer Impacto again. It brought back memories to when she was anchoring the Primer Impacto Extra newscast on the weekends.


This years ING Marathon is fast approaching! If you remember Satcha participated in last years event. Who could forget the pep rally they did for her on Despierta America. I know she will kick butt again this year! Good luck Satcha!


Satcha Pretto Reporting On Primer Impacto – 1/23/2013

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  1. Count Istvan says:

    Awesome cap set with a Pamila cameo!

  2. dmrunner says:

    im a huge fan of your work and im surprised you caught this of satcha she really looked beautiful… excellent job

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Thanks dmrunner. Its always good to hear from the fans. Glad you finally decided to comment.

      I’m curious as to why this post surprises you though…

      • dmrunner says:

        it surprises me because Satcha is not on primer impacto usually and the one time shes on recently you managed to capture some great pictures… that and im glad to see someone else also admires her beauty lol