Angelica Atondo Interview On Despierta America – 2/19/2013

Here is a new Angelica Atondo cap set from yesterday’s Despierta America show.


Angelica Atondo Author of “El Secreto para Lograrlo”

I’m trying to tell you guys, Angelica Atondo is doing BIG THINGS! During the interview they mentioned how she was the author of a book called “El Secreto para Lograrlo”. It appears that the book was published back on March 21 of 2012.


Unfortunately Amazon has it listed as “Temporarily Out Of Stock”. But a certain photo on her Twitter page hints to that changing very soon. I’m sure that the demand for a copy of the book has increased since the airing of this interview. So definitely keep an eye out for the book if your looking to purchase it. Also leave a comment below, if you find any online stores that currently have it in stock.


Angelica Atondo Premio Lo Nuestro Nomination

It was also mentioned during the interview that Angelica Atondo is up for nomination at this years Premio Lo Nuestro event. The event is taking place this week. Hopefully she gets some screen time, so I can create some good screen captures.


I just want to say Congratulations to Angelica Atondo for all her success. I’m routing for her to win her nomination at the Premio Lo Nuestro event.


Angelica Atondo Interviewed On Despierta America

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