Ilia Calderon Returns To Edicion Nocturna

Photo of Ilia Calderon anchoring on Edicion Nocturna | 2/4/2013 (2 of 4). By YogaFrogCapsI have some great news for all the Ilia Calderon fans and supporters. As you know, Ilia has been on maternity leave since giving birth to her first child.


During her time on maternity leave, she has been very active on her Twitter account. She also made an appearance at the Telethon USA event.


Well Ilia Calderon’s maternity leave is officially over. This is her first week back anchoring Edicion Nocturna. I’m personally really glad to see her back! She has definitively been missed!


It wasn’t too bad though. Like I stated up above, she has been very active on Twitter and even posted some exclusive photos of her baby.


So yeah, the Edicion Nocturna news team is back running at full strength. Shout out goes to Enrique Acevedo, for holding it down while Ilia was on maternity leave.


Ilia Calderon Anchoring Edicion Nocturna – 2/4/2013

Alright, lets kick this off with a cap set of Ilia Calderon’s first day back. I have to say, she was on point for it being her first day back. It was like she never left. This cap set is small, mainly because the cameras were a tad off. I think the camera crew was trying to get use to her being back.


Ilia Calderon Anchoring Edicion Nocturna – 2/5/2013

This cap set came out pretty good. I was able to get some nice ones, including the featured image. She looks great wearing white.


Exclusive Ilia Calderon Interview

Photo of Barbara Bermudo on Primer Impacto | 2/4/2013 (1 of 1). By YogaFrogCapsAlright this last cap set is special. As you know, when Ilia Calderon left Telemundo for Univision, she was anchoring on Primer Impacto. However as time went on, she moved to the Edicion Nocturna newscast.


Knowing that, I thought it was really nice for them to do a segment on Primer Impacto about her. Barbara Bermudo traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico for an exclusive interview.


It was cool to see Ilia Calderon outside of her news anchoring duties. She seems really happy and I know she will make an exceptional mom.


Ilia Calderon Interview On Primer Impacto – 2/4/2013

Okay, that concludes this post. Its definitely great to see Ilia Calderon back. I highly recommend following her on Twitter for the latest and greatest information. Be sure to tune in to the Edicion Nocturna newscast. Welcome back Ilia!


Bonus Questions

Bonus Time! Okay lets see who is a REAL Ilia Calderon fan. Can you answer any of these questions:

  1. What show was Ilia Calderon on when she was with Telemundo?
  2. What is the name and sex of her baby?
  3. In the 2011 Univision Summertime Promo, who was the other person Ilia Calderon was with at the bar?

Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below…


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  1. Count Istvan says:

    1. don’t know.
    2. Anne Female. Very cute baby.
    3. Satcha Pretto they were looking at each others cards.
    4. Thank God she’s back!

  2. Count Istvan says:

    Cada Dia. OK I looked it up :)

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      CORRECT! There is nothing wrong with looking it up. As long as you put forth the effort to find the answer.

      Alright since you have been dominating just about all the bonus questions…its PRIZE TIME!

      You can make 3 requests! I will do my best to create 3 cap sets of whom ever you want. The only limitation is that it must be of a person who I have capped before.

      Thanks again for participating. I await your response…

      • Count Istvan says:

        Oh wow. :) Ilia, Anglica Atondo, Lourdes Stephen. But I’m easy to please. Carmen, Satcha, Pamela, Veronica…all great.

        • YogaFrogCaps says:


          – Creating new Angelica cap sets are going to be tough. Mainly because it appears that the “Salud Es Vida” show has been put on ice. Also her appearance on “Sal y Pimienta” seems to have been a one shot deal. If I was located in Chicago, then I would be able to cap her regularly. But since I am not…I can only catch her on national shows.

          – Carmen won’t be a problem, as I have a ton of catching up to do with her anyway. Would you prefer a cap set of her with the curly or straight hair?

          Everyone else shouldn’t be a problem. Just let me know who you want to sub in for Angelica.

          So far its:
          – Ilia
          – Lourdes

          Oh…you might want to tune into Primer Impacto, Despierta America and Edicion Nocturna this week. That way you could be more specific. Just hit me up on twitter on that day. Otherwise I will just freestyle it.