Jackie Guerrido Weather Report On Primer Impacto – 2/14/2013

Its that time again! Yup…time for a new Jackie Guerrido cap set. Its been a little while since my last Jackie cap set.


Jackie Guerrido continues to do the Primer Impacto weather reports from the west coast. I can’t blame her though, California is awesome weather wise. But then again, so is Florida.


Jackie Guerrido was not messing around! This greenish dress looks very nice on her. I thought it was cool that she broke the mold by not wearing red on St. Valentine’s Day.


Alright Jackie Guerrido fans and supports, please show this post some love. It definitely deserves it.


Jackie Guerrido’s Weather Report On Primer Impacto – 2/14/2013

Improved Feed Quality Has Returned!

This cap set is different from all other west coast sets I have done. Why? Well, they FINALLY…and I mean FIIIIIINALLY improved the west coast feed! I’m not sure what the heck they were doing.


Prior to this, the feed quality had decreased significantly when compared to when Jackie was in Florida.


Its strange though. There are many other west coast reporters such as Daniela Ganoza and Erika Garza. When they do reports the feed quality is up to par. Jackie must not have been in the studio then. Hmm…


Anyway…that was the main reason why I started capping her sparingly. I was mainly just posting exclusives on my Facebook and Twitter pages.


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  1. Kristoff says:

    They finally got the HD feed shaped up! That’s good news for us all, as long as Jackie Guerrido is doing reports from there.

    Is Erika Garza still on the air somewhere? I haven’t seen caps of her anywhere for quite a while now.

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      What’s up Kristoff? Yup…they finally got it together. Its good to see the good quality return. But honestly…I have a TON of Jackie posts as it is. Also I hardly get any feedback from my Jackie posts. So unfortunately Jackie content will continue to decrease…until all these so called Jackie fans come out of the shadows.

      I’m actually working on an Erika update post. Stay tuned for that…