Barbara Bermudo Interviews Michelle Obama

Here is a new screen capture set of Barbara Bermudo interviewing Michelle Obama.


Great Opportunity For Barbara Bermudo

Photo of Barbara Bermudo on Primer Impacto | Barbara Bermudo Interviews Michelle Obama | 3/19/2013 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsHopefully all the Barbara Bermudo fans did not miss out on this monumental event! Barbara Bermudo was given the opportunity to interview First Lady Michelle Obama.


Usually these high profile interviews are conducted by Maria Elena Salinas or Jorge Ramos. It was nice to see Barbara get the opportunity to shine like this.


Barbara did a fantastic job during the interview. You could really tell that she was extremely grateful to be able to conduct the interview. Huge congrats goes out to Barbara Bermudo!


Barbara Bermudo Interviews Michelle Obama

This interview aired on March 6th during the Primer Impacto newscast. The interview focused on the Lets Move Campaign. So she discussed the importance of eating healthy and exercise.


I encourage everyone to watch this interview. And guess what? ITS IN ENGLISH!


Solo Screen Captures Of Barbara Bermudo

Here are some bonus solo screen captures of Barbara from the interview.


Solo Screen Captures Of Michelle Obama

Lastly, are some solo screen captures of the First Lady Michelle Obama. I’m definitely happy with the way these came out. Not bad for my first time.


Barbara Bermudo And Michelle Obama Dancing

Photo of Barbara Bermudo and Michelle Obama dancing on Primer Impacto | Barbara Bermudo Interviews Michelle Obama | 3/6/2013 (1 of 1). By YogaFrogCapsPrior to showing this interview in its entirety, Primer Impacto showed a clip of these two dancing. I’m assuming it was a way for them to create lots of hype about the interview.


They made it seem as if Barbie only met with the First Lady to dance. This left me scratching my head as I tend to pass on the silliness.


Thankfully I was totally wrong and they just faked me out. I have never been so happy to be wrong about something. Haha. Congrats again to Barbie.


Did You Like The Interview?

So what did you all think of the interview? How cool was it to hear Barbara Bermudo conduct the interview in English? Like I stated up above, I really enjoyed the interview.


Thanks for checking out my latest post.


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