Carmen Dominicci Anchoring The Al Rojo Vivo Newscast

Here is a new screen capture set of Carmen Dominicci anchoring on today’s Al Rojo Vivo newscast.


A Break From The Madness

Photo of Carmen Dominicci attending Telemundo NATPE Event | 1/28/2013 (6 of 9). By YogaFrogCapsI know the majority of people are deep in this years March Madness College Basketball goodness. However I thought I would hit you with this Carmen Dominicci gem.


This one is hot off the press! Been awhile since I did a same day screen capture set post.


Carmen Dominicci Anchoring Al Rojo Vivo Newscast – 3/25/2013

Carmen was looking very nice today. She was sporting a very elegant blue dress. This cap set is definitely worth your time.


If you watched today’s Al Rojo Vivo newscast pay close attention to these photos. Notice anything different?

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