Jackie Guerrido Weather Report On Primer Impacto – 3/7/2013

Here is a new screen capture set of Jackie Guerrido doing the weather report on Primer Impacto.


Jackie Guerrido Living In California Now?

Photo of Jackie Guerrido weather report | Primer Impacto | 9/16/2013 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsAlright before I get into this new Jackie screen capture set, I just wanted to talk about this California thing.


To summarize, Jackie Guerrido has been doing the weather reports from there for a long time. I’m talking months! The question is why? Has she relocated to Cali permanently?


Jackie Guerrido Jeans Clothing Line A Success?

Photo of Jackie Guerrido weather report | Primer Impacto | 4/13/2013 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsIn my opinion, this change of location has to do with the launch of her clothing line aka Jackie G Jeans. I believe she is doing some serious promotion to get the ball rolling on that. Plus all the other stuff that is involved, such as designing.


I find it amazing that Jackie Guerrido is able to still do the Primer Impacto weather reports during all this. It really shows how hard she is working.


Hopefully everything is going well with her clothing line, sales wise. I would guess that everything is going good. Mainly because her fan base is pretty large and also they keep expanding her clothing line website.


So, we will have to wait and see.


Jackie Guerrido Weather Report On Primer Impacto – 3/7/2013

As I mentioned in my previous Jackie post, the Cali feed has been improved. The quality is back to what it was when she was in Florida. So that means I can drop some gems for all you lucky visitors.


In this screen capture set, she is sporting a pretty cool out fit.

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  1. Kristoff says:

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    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Thanks Kristoff.

      I just felt like I’ve saturated the visitors with Jackie content. My Jackie archive is 15 pages deep! So I decided to scale it back a bit. There hasn’t been visitor outcry about it…so I guess I was right…

  2. Nikhil says:

    Thanks Admin for bring back Jackie here.. :)