Ana Maria Canseco Returns To Morning TV

The original Despierta America host, Ana Maria Canseco has returned. But wait a second. Why is she on a Telemundo show?


Ana Maria Canseco Is A Morning Show Legend

Photo of Ana Maria Canseco | Un Nuevo Dia | 4/19/2013 (2 of 7). By YogaFrogCapsThis post is definitely going to fly over many of your heads. If your a new school Despierta America fan, then prepare to be hit in the head with a knowledge anvil!


Ana Maria Canseco is one of the ORIGINAL hosts of the Despierta America show. So this woman is at LEGENDARY status in my book. She hosted the show for 13 years.


Lots of these new school hosts owe her BIG TIME. Its funny to watch the show nowadays just to see how much of an influence she had. It really shows that she left a huge mark on the show.


Ana Maria Canseco Returns To Morning TV

Photo of Ana Maria Canseco | Un Nuevo Dia | 4/19/2013 (1 of 7). By YogaFrogCapsI have to say I was completely shocked to see her on TV again. It was actually a double shock.


First, I was shocked because of the fact she was going to make a return. Heck, she left Despierta America back in 2010. So its been three years!


Second, was the fact that she was going to guest host on the Un Nuevo Dia show. This show has always been in competition with Despierta America.


Seeing Ana guest host brought back so many great memories! It was like she never left. She was just like how I remembered her.


Why Didn’t Ana Maria Canseco Make Her Return On Despierta America?

Photo of Ana Maria Canseco | Un Nuevo Dia | 4/19/2013 (6 of 7). By YogaFrogCapsI’m sure a lot of people are asking this question. And guess what, so am I.


But lets take a trip down memory lane for a minute. Lets go back to 2010 aka The Start Of The Dark Days At Univision.


After the buy out, so many questionable changes started to happen. Lets see:

  • Ilia Calderon and Satcha Pretto Leave Primer Impacto
  • Edna Schmidt leaves Univision
  • Rosana Franco Leaves Univision

That’s only a few. But now I hope you see why I call it The Start Of The Dark Days At Univision.


That being said. Lets pretend Univision contacted her to guest host. Do you really think she would do it?


Why Did Ana Maria Canseco Leave Despierta America?

Photo of Ana Maria Canseco | Un Nuevo Dia | 4/19/2013 (3 of 7). By YogaFrogCapsAs you know we will never EVER know the reasons why she left. Everyone was throwing out ideas as to why she initially left. But until she gets that call from 60 Minutes for an exclusive interview…its all just rumors.


Since this news is old, its time for me to put in my two cents. Now that she made an appearance on Un Nuevo Dia, its pretty safe to say that bridges were burned. So if you were hoping to see her on Univision again, I seriously doubt that will happen.


I personally like to think that she left because she saw all this coming. If she stayed she would of had to deal with all the bogus changes that went down. People coming who lack skills to do their jobs, show format changes when they aren’t needed, all time tackiness levels just to target the eye candy viewers, etc, etc.


So to keep her sanity, I like to think she just left. I bet she has been just sitting back LOL at the current state of the show.


Are You Glad To See Her Back?

Photo of Ana Maria Canseco | Un Nuevo Dia | 4/19/2013 (7 of 7). By YogaFrogCapsI’m pretty sure that her appearance on Friday’s show was a one time deal. Regardless, I was personally glad to see her again.


It has been a really long time since I created screen captures of her. So, I was glad to try it in high definition.


But what do you think? Were you happy to see her on morning TV once again? Would you like to see her make more guest hosting appearances on the show? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Be sure to follow Ana Maria Canseco on Twitter for the most up to date information.


Thanks for taking the time to view my latest post.


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  1. o.chilson says:

    I would love to see her back again. I never watch Despierta anymore.

  2. says:

    I will be very happy to see Ana Maria Canseco on Telemundo.

    She is one of the best!!!!!.

  3. Robert Pasquinelli says:

    She is the best. Not understanding Spanish, what did she say she was doing? It looked like she was modeling clothing. Telemundo must hire her. She could be the face of that network.

  4. Jeremy Helms says:

    Great post!

    It’s awesome seeing Ana Maria back! She used to be great on Despierta America…I’d love it if it were currently her and Karla as the two female anchors for DA.

    Ana Maria also used to be an excellent guest host for El Gordo y La Flaca..there are a couple of appearances she made on there that I’m still searching for caps or videos from – they’re two of my Univision “Holy Grail” pieces….unfortunately Ana Maria media is pretty hard to come by.

    Thanks for the post, and I hope to see much more of her soon!

  5. rolo says:

    Would be great to have Anita everyday in Telemundo. It’s so sad to watch her previous Despierta America now… That show goes bad to the worth everytime and since Anita left Univision, I don’t watch it anymore….

  6. Forest Lewis says:

    WOW!!!!Just read this. Nice to see Anita! She would brighten my mornings. She was just too loyal to that lousy show; and at the end of the day, they dumped her. Anita has more talent in her pinky than does Sofia Vergara, have in her entire body, yet, Sofia is in the big time. Had Anita truly learned English, and with her stunning looks, and sweet personality, this woman could have rocked Hollywood. Too bad she insisted on being a wall flower. Forget Despierta America Anita, unless they want to give you mega(MILLIONS) bucks and an iron clad contract. Besos Mi Amor!

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Your comment has me seriously confused. First off, who is this Anita your talking about?

      I’m assuming you meant to write Ana?!

      Second…why are you comparing her to Sofia Vergara? They are on two different ends of the spectrum.

      Third…Ana knows and speaks English just fine. Do your homework before you write about stuff.

      Who says Ana’s goal was to get to Hollywood? If that was her goal…then she wouldn’t have stayed as long as she did on DA.

      A wall flower? Haha…okay…sure buddy. Also what proof do you have that they dumped her?

      Just about everything you stated is straight up nonsense…

  7. tanya says:

    Me encanta anamaria canseco

  8. tanya cholico says:


    • margarita says:

      Que lastima que univision va de picada desaciendose de las mejores como Ana Maria canseco,Neida Sandoval y Rosana Franco lo bueno que otra televisora les abre las puertas y felicidades porque ellas son unas triunfadoras

  9. margarita says:

    I`m so happy to see Ana Maria Canseco return to the TV she is beautiful honest and sincere she is one of the best congratulations adelante y mucho triunfo

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      I agree 100% Margarita! Its great to see her back. She continues to make random guest hosting appearances on the show.

      Be on the look out for a new post on her soon…

  10. Mary Lou López says:

    I love Ana María she is a wonderful person. Since she left DA it has not been the same
    She was the soul of that program, which I don’t see any more. I think the Univisión directors are cold hearted, they don’t care about peoples feelings…
    I wish You the best of luck, God Bless You, y sigue adelante, tu todavía tienes mucho
    Que dar, felicidades…espero verte pronto en Telemundo
    Mary Lou

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Hi Mary Lou. Thanks for checking out my post. I agree, Ana Maria is a wonder person.

      She has since made a few more appearances on Un Nuevo Dia. I will eventually do an update post. Stay tuned…

  11. Soli says:

    Truly a surprise to see her back. I agree with most comments, DA moved (or let go off) intelligent mature women such as Neyda and Ana, to bring in more ratings like they said earlier eye candy to most. I’m not confused at all on what they’ve done, with these new gals from “mi belleza latina” I think it’s great to give them all an opportunity to rise, but to take real experience away, because Univision wants to cater to a new audience, I don’t think so, I think your younger generation 20’s and 30’s is not watching shows like this it’s your older generation who watches shows like this, your spanish audience, I know most in their countries are use to watching television with women half dressed or super form fitting clothing, I personally have heard from many people from different ethnic backgrounds who have turned channels to find basically that Spanish women dress sexy and provocative they categorize all of us the same as having no brains they don’t understand what’s going on, they just see some of the clothes they are wearing or the stupid things that they are doing – comments are always negative. We are by nature sexy women, most of us have curves, but come on folks we want them to see we are more than women who dress sexy we have brains. Ana fits well with Un Nuevo Dia, she adds to the classy women already on the show, and Telemundo in general, such women like Maria Celeste and Carmen Dominici, class and brains!! I want to make another comment on Sofia Vergara someone was comparing her with Ana, come on people Sofia V. is a very intelligent woman, she just plays a role in Hollywood, again who’s fault is it for Hollywood to portray Spanish women as sexy, we are sexy yes, but I just think some of us go over board, my opinion – another example Primer Impacto – beautiful intelligent women, but Univision wants to sell them as sexy first – Jackie G. beautiful curves but come on the way she stands like she wants to seduce the viewers, come on your gorgeous already, I know again it’s Univision – that’s why I’ve changed over to Telemundo. Welcome Ana, please continue to be yourself you are beautiful and sexy with class you dress appropriate for a morning show – beautiful!

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Hi Soli! Thanks for commenting and welcome to the site.

      You made some very great points in your comment. I agree with what your saying.

      Its tough. At the end of the day the networks are a business and they want to make money. How do they make money? They need high ratings. The sad part is that “sexiness” is GUARANTEED to boost ratings. So this is why this endless cycle of tackiness will continue.

      Don’t get me wrong…there is a time and a place for everything. I just feel like when its done at the wrong time, it makes the person look silly.

      It also puts them in a bad spot because from that point on they will be known as “the person who dresses extra sexy” and their actual job becomes secondary.

      Its really hard to get people/viewers to focus less on the “eye candy” and more on the person and their job skills.

      But I’m not giving up! I will continue to help promote them in a positive light and blast all this blatantly obvious tackiness…

  12. Ettie says:

    So glad to see her back! It is good that she was forced to leave Univision because she is now in a much better show than she was before. Unfortunately DA keeps changing their hosts and it comes to the point where people just don’t feel like watching it any longer because it only shows how disloyal they are to their employees. As of me, I never watch DA! Totally boring show and the worst hosts are Karla Martinez and the weird looking guy Gonzalez!

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Hi Ettie. I agree…it was definitely great to see her make a return.

      How do you know she was forced out? She has not spoken publicly about it to my knowledge. Or are you just taking the side of the most popular rumor?

      That’s fair. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. At the end of the day, they must be doing something right. They keep shattering viewer records. Peace…

  13. Mike says:

    As for me,, univision does not have what telemundo has,, telemundo es lo mejor en la tv en espanol de esto no hay duda ,,,,the people in univision they need help, so bedly ,they dont know how to run that channel poor univision,,,,,

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      You really think so? So, why then is Univision number one in ratings if they don’t know how to run a channel?

      You might not like Univision and your definitely entitled to your own opinion, but your statements make no sense to me.

  14. Mike says:

    Ana maria canceco, she is the best,I feel sorry for univision,,,poor guys,,,,.

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Ana is definitely one of the best TV personalities in the game right now.

      However, I don’t feel sorry for Univision. There is no need to in my opinion. They are doing just fine and continue to break viewer ratings…