Angelica Atondo Guest Hosting Sal y Pimenta

Its time for a new post of one of Chicago’s finest news anchors, Angelica Atondo. If your one of her many supporters, you do not want to miss out.


I Miss Angelica Atondo On Sal y Pimenta

Photo of Angelica Atondo on Sal y Pimienta | 2/3/2013 (12 of 15). By YogaFrogCapsI don’t know about all the rest of the Angelica Atondo fans, but I am SERIOUSLY missing her presence on the show.


As I have stated in many of my other posts that feature her, I thought that she was a great addition.


Since she resides in Chicago, we all knew that her Sal y Pimienta appearances were temporary. I’m just glad that she jumped at the opportunity to guest host on the show.


So yeah, I’m definitely sad that she hasn’t been on the show in a couple of months. But at the same time, I am happy that she took some time out of her busy schedule to appear on the show.


I haven’t given up hope though. I’m sure Angelica will grace us with her presence on Sal y Pimienta once again. Until that time, I’m jealous of all the Chicago residents who get to view her reports daily.


Guest Hosting Sal y Pimenta

Photo of Angelica Atondo | Angelica Atondo Guest Hosting On Sal y Pimienta | 4/7/2013 (4 of 10). By YogaFrogCapsOkay, now on to the awesomeness that is Angelica Atondo! If you have been following her appearances on the show, then you know this is number four.


In case you somehow missed her previous three appearances, then check out my screen capture sets :


These screen captures are from the 4/7/2013 airing of the show. Angelica was looking very beautiful in this redish colored dress.


This is probably my favorite outfit/hair combination out of her four appearances. Everything came together very nicely and she looks great.


After you check out my work, I encourage you to stop by her Facebook Fan Page. She updates it frequently.


Angelica Atondo’s Aqui y Ahora Report

Photo of Angelica Atondo | Angelica Atondo Guest Hosting On Sal y Pimienta | Aqui y Ahora | 4/7/2013 (2 of 4). By YogaFrogCapsWait don’t run off just yet, I’m happy to say that I have a small BONUS for you! Angelica had a pretty busy day back on 4/7/2013.


Not only did she guest host on Sal y Pimenta, but she also did a report on Aqui y Ahora.


Her report was based around music. Here is a small screen capture set.


Thanks Angelica Atondo

I just want to take this time to say thanks to Angelica. We all appreciate the hard work that you do. Many thanks for going the extra mile and staying in tune with your fans. We definitely appreciate it.


I would love to see you make another Sal y Pimenta appearance again at some point.


Thanks for taking the time to view my latest post.


Yoga Frog


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