Neida Sandoval Makes Un Nuevo Dia Appearance

The original Despierta America Noticias presenter Neida Sandoval has made an appearance!


Neida Sandoval Returns

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (1 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsWow…I never thought I would get to see Neida back on morning TV again. What a pleasant surprise this was.


Wait…what? You don’t know who Neida Sandoval is? Okay, let me school you really quick.


Neida is one of the original members of the Despierta America show. She anchored the news on the Noticias segments. This was way before all the major changes went down. Sadly her time on the show came to an end back in 2011.


Neida Sandoval At Legendary Status

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (3 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsSeeing as Neida is one of the original members of Despierta America, I just have to put her at Legendary status. She was with the show from 1997 to 2011.


You just cannot deny the impact she left on the viewers. I was definitely sad when the news broke that she was no longer on the show.


Thanks to the powers of Twitter and Facebook, she has still been able to stay connected with her fans. I highly recommend following her for the latest information.


Life After Despierta America

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (5 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsNeida Sandoval’s Despierta America career might be over, but she is still doing big things. Its good to see she was able to move on from the madness.


During her Un Nuevo Dia appearance which aired on 6/13/2013, she discussed her new role as a Goodwill Ambassador SOS.


I am extremely happy to know that she is part of such a great cause! Doing positive things to make this world a better place is always a good thing. Plus she is looking out for the youth as well!


Neida was radiating a really happy and excited vibe during her appearance. Its good to know that everything is going good with her and most importantly she is happy.


Neida Sandoval On Telemundo

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (6 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsOkay time to talk about the obvious. Why did Neida Sandoval make an appearance on the Telemundo show Un Nuevo Dia?


She was with Despierta America for over 10 years, shouldn’t Univision be proud to give us an update?


Before I get into my thoughts on why, I can’t help but have a deja vu feeling. You see what I’m saying? What’s up with that?


Just like the Ana Maria Canseco situation, I feel that bridges were burned. Think of it from a more personal level. Everyone has had a job they left before. If you haven’t, then you will at some point in your life.


Now ask yourself, would you go back to that job after you left? Probably not right? There are always reasons as to why you left in the first place. Sure, as time goes by things change. However going back to an old job is a pretty rare occurrence.


Neida has made long lasting friendships with her former peers at Univision. Her making an appearance on a Univision show again just isn’t going to happen…in my opinion.


A Kick In Univision’s Shins?

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (7 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsNeida is not the first former Univision employee to appear on a Telemundo show. And guess what, she definitely won’t be the last.


There is no doubt that the frequency of these appearances seems much more frequent lately.


It also seems lopsided. The amount of people leaving Univision to go to other networks, out numbers the amount coming in. Why is that?


Does it have to do with the fact that Univision is so big and has the number one spot? Or maybe its because of the huge management changes that went down a few years ago? I think it is a little of both.


The point is, I know many fans were upset during The Dark Days Of Univision…myself included. But now I hope the fans aren’t so bitter about it.


I know it was horrible to see your favorite news anchors and TV personalities leave. But, there is life after Univision. Neida Sandoval and Ana Maria Canseco are proof of that.


Continued Success To Neida Sandoval

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (2 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsI am sure that Neida’s appearance on Un Nuevo Dia was a one time thing. Regardless, it was great to see her once again.


The Un Nuevo Dia cast showed her nothing but love and respect. It was nice to be able to see her in a new light. You could tell she had a fun time on the show.


I wanted to congratulate her and wish her continued success moving forward. I’m a strong believer in doing good things to make a difference in the world. Neida is definitely making power moves.


It Has Been Awhile

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (4 of 8). By YogaFrogCapsI can’t lie, I am extremely rusty when it comes to creating screen captures of Neida. The last set I did was back in 2010!


Add to the fact that I didn’t even have Univision in high definition back then. So, it was definitely a serious challenge for me to create these gems.


All in all, I am satisfied with the way these came out. I’m just glad I was able to create these to document her return back to TV.


Your Thoughts On Neida Sandoval’s Return?

Photo of Neida Sandoval | Neida Sandoval On Un Nuevo Dia | 6/13/2013 (8 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsSo, Neida fans and supporters what did you think? Hopefully you were able to witness her return. It was a monumental moment.


Would you like to see her make more appearances on the show? Feel free to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest post.




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  1. Jeremy says:

    So another former Univision power player shows up on Telemundo….can’t say I’m too surprised.

    A lot of those former Univision stars received kind of a raw deal upon leaving, and if you’re a Hispanic-American broadcaster who works for the big time, the only employment option besides Univision is Telemundo, so it’s all kind of a natural progression.

    I was never a big Neida guy, but she looks great here. She looks fit, rested, and I like the highlights in her hair…gives her a bit more of a youthful look. I look forward to seeing more of her on Telemundo.

    (And if only Edna Schmidt would show up somewhere finally!)

    – Jeremy

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      What’s up Jeremy? Yeah, there are a bunch of ex Univision employees that are now on Telemundo shows.

      I’m just glad to see Neida is doing well these days and was able to move on…

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Looks like your going to get your wish Jeremy…Edna Schmidt is making a come back! YEEEEEEEAH! Its Telemundo for her. I don’t think its national news though. Only local to Chicago.

      That could change though. Check it out:

      • Jeremy says:

        That is truly awesome news!

        I’ve sometimes wondered why she was staying out of a TV role for this long, even at a local city affiliate of some kind. I think I read one time that her husband is a fairly wealthy businessman of some kind though, so maybe in the wake of her bizarre exit from Univision, she and her husband took some time to vacation and enjoy a mini-retirement or something.

        Chicago, as a TV market, has a lot of screencappers who cover the different news stations there, so I’m hopeful that some caps and videos of her new work will turn up online.

        It’s also a bit of a homecoming for her, as she started her U.S. broadcasting career in Chicago and made her name there before moving to Miami and joining the Spanish TV “big leagues.”

        • YogaFrogCaps says:

          Cool…I was hoping you would see my updated comment. I will more than likely do a post about it, once the dust settles.

          I’m definitely sad that I won’t be able to cap her though. But I will keep an eye out. I’m sure she will show up on one of the national news shows at some point.

          She is sporting a longer hairstyle now. It looks pretty good.

          Oh yeah? I knew of one good Chicago screencapper, but he retired this year. Its been years since I have been to the forums though. I’m sure things have changed…

  2. Sonia says:

    It is sooooo good to see Neida and Ana Maria back in Telemundo!!! You both look gorgeous! Mil Felicidades!!!!

  3. Rio Gotti says:

    I love Neida she was always professional and amazing in front of those cameras, I hope this wonderful woman, Hondurena, and journalist returns and sock it to Univision better known as Univitron!!

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Hi Rio. Neida has been appearing on Un Nuevo Dia very frequently as of late. Make sure you tune in and show your support.

      “Univitron”?! Haha…that’s a new one…

  4. poloperlib says:


    • Jeremy says:

      Woah, Neida’s arrival is bringing out all caps level of excitement from some people!

      I’m really happy to see Neida get an increased role on Telemundo, and to see Ana Maria back in action (although I’m not a fan of the decreased action that Azucena Cierco is now seeing as a result of this personnel shuffling).

      The only other ex-Univision start I’d really love to see in a bigger role is Rosana Franco. She got screwed by Univision pretty badly – they basically kicked her out on the grounds of “revamping” their sports programming, but it’s all the same except for some new set designs, and Republica Deportiva is *exactly* the same, they just brought in a younger woman as the third host. Univision’s execs essentially decided that Rosana was too old and they wanted a younger, “hotter” female personality. Which is part of the rules of the game in the entertainment industry, but that was still messed up.

      So it’d be really great to see Rosana get a sports show on Telemundo. She’s on ESPN Deportes now, but who even has ESPN Deportes?

      I’m also not sure who “Fernando” is as referenced in the post above this, but if it’s Fernando del Rincon, that guy can take a hike. I used to like him on Primer Impacto way back in the day, but the whole “beating up Carmen Dominicci in a hotel room” thing turned that view around for me.

      • YogaFrogCaps says:

        What’s up Jeremy. Haha…yeah man Neida is a legend. I knew her return would be a huge deal. It’s really great to see her continue to make appearances. I’d say the percentage of joining full time is VERY high.

        Oh I didn’t know you were a Azucena fan. Well, I guess you missed it. But toward the end of the year, Azucena said her goodbyes on the show. It was of course painful to watch. But she isn’t completely out. She seems to be back to her previous role. So look for her more on ARV nowadays. I’m still thinking about doing an article on her.

        As far as Rosana Franco, I agree with the majority of what you said. I didn’t agree at all with how they handled her departure. It was foul! Ever since she left, the sports section on PI has been in shambles. Notice how quick Antonietta Collins got the heck outta there?

        I do think that her joining ESPN is a good thing. When compared to PI or Republica Deportiva, I think its a HUGE step up. I mean…its ESPN…they are the leader of sports coverage. But her getting a sports show on Telemundo would be very nice.

        The “Fernando” that Poloperlib is referring to is Fernando Arau. He was another of the original Despierta America hosts. He came out of hiding to do MQB on Univision. But recently he made an appearance on Un Nuevo Dia. So it turned into a huge reunion because Neida and Ana were there.

        • Jeremy says:

          Yeah I’ve seen Azucena on Al Rojo Vivo again, back to doing her old gig, but in more of a “part time” role with it. Odd for her though, since she was sort of a rising star for Telemundo for a few years, and now practically overnight she’s back to where she was in 2007 or 2008. I’d be curious to know the reasoning behind that.

          Good point about Antoinetta Collins, I forgot she was even on Univision. That tenure went by extremely quickly! What’s funny too is that she goes by “Toni Collins” on ESPN instead of Antoinetta. That *is* a good gig for her though, especially because she does a lot of reporting for regular English-language ESPN, so it’s definitely good exposure for her and her career.

          As for Rosana on ESPN Deportes being considered a “step up”….ehhh maybe.

          ESPN Deportes still seems like an experiment by ESPN rather than a fully dedicated and stable channel. Even with its own online streaming site for additional viewership, ESPN Deportes only reaches something like 8 million people in the United States. Erika Garza joined ESPN Deportes too and nobody’s seen her in ages. Hopefully with ESPN having the World Cup, ESPN Deportes will get a boost, but we’ll see.

          • Jeremy says:

            Also, I recently saw this on Veronica del Castillo’s personal Facebook page, listed under her “About” section:

            “Former News Anchor/Correspondent at Univision”

            Did Veronica leave Univision as well?

            I haven’t seen her in a long time but she always took occasional breaks from appearing on-screen for family stuff, and she just authored a book and has been promoting that, but that description seems to indicate that she’s now gone from the network.

          • YogaFrogCaps says:

            What’s up man? In my opinion Azucena always had a “part-time” role on ARV. Before she joined Un Nuevo Dia her ARV appearances were pretty random.

            There were definitely times when she would be on 4 to 5 times a week though. Depending on if there was juicy entertainment news going on. But sometimes she wouldn’t be on for weeks.

            The reasoning for her departure from Un Nuevo Dia seems very obvious to me. Its because Ana joined. I mean…someone had to go ya know? It sure as heck wasn’t going to be Miss Diaz. Adamari Lopez’s name alone pulls mad weight, so she will be around for awhile. And finally Alessandra Villegas is there for “obvious” reasons. Cutting Azucena seemed like the obvious choice. Sad but true.

            Also she wasn’t the only person let go when Ana joined. One of the male hosts was let go. The show was really starting to get crowded.

            Her airtime with ARV is going to be limited because a lot has changed on the show since she left. Its very clear they are starting to try new things on ARV.

            Now she is competing with the likes of Sofia and Linda. Also did you notice how Mary’s ARV role has been deleted? Things are definitely changing man…and I predict will continue to change as this year goes on.

            Geez…I really need to write an article about all this. Haha…

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Hi Poloperlib! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      I agree with you 100%!

      When I wrote this article Neida had made her very first appearance since leaving Despierta America. So yeah, a lot has happened since then.

      Its great to see her continue to be on. Lets hope she joins the show full time at some point.

      I watched the show with Fernando. It was another great show. I talked about it on my social media pages.

      Definitely check out my other articles in case you missed them:

      Thanks again for the support.

  5. Juanita m. murillo says:

    I thought neida sandoval was here to stay at telemundo
    I was sorry not to see her there anymore please try
    Bringing her back. But im glad maria canseco stay
    Love to hear her .makes the show more intersting
    Please Keep her thank you
    Juanita murillo

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Hi Juanita. There was never an official announcement stating that Neida was there to stay. So, I’m not sure why you thought that.

      Either way, it was good to see her make yet another return. Although she currently does that radio show, I’m sure her joining Un Nuevo Dia full time at some point is a possibility.

      I predict more changes on the show. So keep watching.

      Take it easy…