Linda Candelo Joins Telemundo Network

The former Univision news reporter, Linda Candelo joins Telemundo.


A Nice Surprise On Al Rojo Vivo

Photo of Linda Candelo | Linda Candelo Joins Telemundo | 8/1/2013 (3 of 3).  By YogaFrogCapsAlthough many former Univision journalist have joined Telemundo as of late, I wasn’t expecting this.


While watching the 7/26/2013 airing of Al Rojo Vivo, I saw a familiar face. This happened during the featured news segment of the show.


Usually these featured reports are done by Vanessa Hauc, Carmen Dominicci, or Sofia LaChapelle. But not this time.


My initial reaction was, “Oh cool, a new Linda Candelo report”! Then I realized I wasn’t watching Univision. What the? Wait…Linda is with Telemundo now?!


Telemundo Is A Great Move For Linda Candelo

Photo of Linda Candelo | Linda Candelo Joins Telemundo | 7/31/2013 (2 of 2). By YogaFrogCapsIt should come as no surprise that I am a big Linda supporter. I have been following her career since back in the WFMZ days.


When she was at WFMZ, she was a main news anchor. It was great to see her at the news desk doing the entire broadcast.


I encourage you to watch this interview. After watching it, I hope you understand why I am a supporter. She has a great work ethic and is a good role model for anyone who wants to become a journalist.


Eventually she moved on to Univision. It appeared that her goal was to do national news broadcasts. At Univision she was able to do this. She did tons of great reports for various nationally televised Univision newscasts. Some of them included Primer Impacto, Edicion Nocturna, and Noticiero Univision.


Is Univision Too Crowded?

Photo of Linda Candelo | Linda Candelo Joins Telemundo | 8/1/2013 (2 of 2).  By YogaFrogCapsThe only thing I didn’t like was that Linda wasn’t on consistently. There were times when she would do reports for an entire week.


For example, when she covered Hector Camacho’s death. But then we wouldn’t see her again for a long time.


I guess I was just already accustom to seeing her anchor every weekday on WFMZ. The national news scene is probably much more competitive when compared to local news.


I always thought that this was one of Univision’s biggest problems. They have many great news reporters working there. I’m sure there is insane competition to get on the air of a nationally televised news broadcast.


I like to think of Univision as an All Star team. Just the fact that your on the team means your in the top of your field. However, just because you make the team doesn’t mean you get to play in the game. Sometimes I think that its too crowded and some people don’t get their chance to shine.


So why stay when you never get the chance to come off the bench and show your skills? I’m not saying this is what happened to Linda. This is just something that I have noticed for awhile.


It’s Linda Candelo’s Time To Shine

Photo of Linda Candelo | Linda Candelo Joins Telemundo | 8/1/2013 (1 of 2). By YogaFrogCapsLinda Candelo’s Al Rojo Vivo debut went great. She played it super cool, despite sharing the stage with the legendary Maria Celeste Arraras. If she was nervous, she didn’t show it at all. Great job Linda!


It was also great to see her back on the set. At Univision she mainly did the on location reports.


The last time she was on set at Univision was Despeirta America. That was a long time ago. I’m just happy to see her get the VIP treatment, because she definitely deserves it.


Ever since she started at Telemundo, things seem to be going well for her. She is definitely putting in 110% on her reports.


She is also letting off an extra excited happy type vibe while doing her reports. So I can only assume that the Telemundo family has welcomed her with open arms. Which is great!


Currently all of her reports have been on Al Rojo Vivo. However, I think its only a matter of time before she makes a Noticiero Telemundo appearance.


Congratulations Linda Candelo

Photo of Linda Candelo | Linda Candelo Joins Telemundo | 7/26/2013 (1 of 1). By YogaFrogCapsI would just like to say congratulations to Linda. Your off to a great start and I know you will continue to excel in your new career at Telemundo.


Being able to work with legends like Maria Celeste Arraras and Vanessa Hauc has to be a great experience.


If you are a Linda Candelo supporter, I highly recommend visiting her social media pages. She has a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account.


Since joining Telemundo, she has been updating them very frequently. Definitely “Follow” and “Like” them to show your support. While your there, be sure to tell her congratulations. I’m sure she would love to hear it.


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  1. Clayton Evans says:

    YES,SHE is very deserving of congratulations and applauds. I have been an avid fan for several years. I always knew there was a very intelligent mind behind that very beautiful face. Always professional and informative. A true godsend in media. Thank you for the article. Now I smile when I watch the news.

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      What’s up Clayton? I have seen you around in the social media world, thanks for taking the time to check out my website. I’m glad you like this post.

      Also thanks for supporting Linda. This is definitely her time to shine.

      It was great to see her on ARV all last week.