YogaFrog’s Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures

I have been creating screen captures of Satcha Pretto for over five years. Here is a look back at my best Satcha Pretto screen captures.


Satcha Pretto Marries Long Time Boyfriend

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 8/10/2013 (1 of 6).  By YogaFrogCapsBefore I get into this post, I would just like to recognize Satcha Pretto’s very special day.


As I’m sure you know, she recently married her long time boyfriend, Mr Aaron Butler. Huge congratulations are in order. I’m really happy for her.


Satcha looked extremely beautiful in her wedding dress. These two look great together and I wish them all the best moving forward.


I decided to keep this screen capture set small. Mainly because her wedding was pretty high profile and there is already a ton of content out there. Congratulations again to Satcha Pretto and Aaron Butler.


My Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 5/15/2012 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsSince Satcha is starting a new chapter in her life, I thought it was a good idea to take a look back. I have been following her career for over 5 years now. So, my archives are pretty deep.


What you are about to see is what I consider the best Satcha Pretto screen captures. When I sit back and look at these, I am definitely proud to have created them.


In order to keep my sanity, I decided to not include any of my standard definition content. However, I did include some content I used on my social media pages.


Okay, lets get to it. Here are my best Satcha Pretto screen captures in no particular order…


Univision’s 2011 Summertime Promo

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 6/10/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsSince summer is winding down, lets start things off with this Summertime Promo screen capture from 2011. This promo was awesome! I really wish Univision would of made this a yearly tradition.


I always enjoy seeing all the Univision news anchors and TV personalities come together.


In this screen capture, Satcha is playing cards. What is funny is how Ilia Calderon has been caught cheating. Satcha seems to be completely oblivious to Ilia looking at her cards. Haha.


Satcha Pretto Participates In The 2012 ING Marathon

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 1/30/2012 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsOne of Satcha’s hobbies is running in marathons. Back in 2012, Despierta America covered the majority of her marathon journey.


This included behind the scenes coverage of her training, a special pep rally and pre/post-marathon footage.


Creating screen captures of someone who is moving is never easy. Especially if your going for clarity. Despite all the odds, I thought this one came out great. I love how she has a big smile on her face and is throwing up the peace sign. Definitely a gem.


Anchoring Despierta America – 3/18/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 3/18/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsEvery so often, I will create a screen capture that is perfect. Well, perfect in my eyes. When I sit back and look at it, I just have to wonder how I can still improve.


This screen capture falls into that category. I can easily see this photo being used for a magazine cover.


The lighting is on point and Satcha is doing her signature smile. I love when everything comes together nicely.


This is a prime example of how a screen capture can be mistaken for a professional photo. I love to blur those lines.


Anchoring Despierta America – 11/15/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 11/15/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsThis is without a doubt my most rare Satcha Pretto screen capture. Throughout my five plus years of following her career, I have never seen her wear glasses on camera. I actually had no idea she wore glasses to begin with.


Do you think this was just some kind of fashion statement? I’m not really 100% sure. One thing is for sure, she hasn’t been seen wearing glasses again since.


I personally liked seeing her in these. It resonated a different type of vibe I don’t normally have when I see her. Maybe one day she will sport some glasses again.


Anchoring Despierta America – 6/27/2012

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 6/27/2012 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsLets keep it going with another screen capture of Satcha wearing glasses. This time its from a fun and playful perspective.


As you long time Despierta America fans know, you really can’t take everything on the show too seriously. The main hosts are always acting silly and having a good time.


Since Satcha does the news segments, she tends to refrain from taking part in the silliness. However, every so often she will show her fun and playful side.


In this screen capture, Satcha is sporting some pretty crazy looking sunglasses. Definitely a rare occasion for her.


12th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards – 11/10/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 11/10/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsSatcha has attended numerous award shows and events throughout her career. I’m not going to lie, it was extremely hard to pick only one. She just always looks great at these events.


I decided to go with this one for a couple of reasons. In my opinion I think that everything just came together perfectly.


Normally I can nitpick and find something that throws it off. For example, I could love the dress but not agree with her makeup choice. Or like the makeup, but not like her hairstyle.


This time it was perfect and everything came together very nicely.


Satcha And Felix Despierta America Promo – 7/8/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 7/8/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsRemember a few years ago when the Noticias segments were done by two people? This screen capture is from a promo that aired on Univision.


This segment started off a little rough. It took awhile for Satcha and Felix to get the chemistry going. After about a month, things started going great.


Unfortunately, the silly and playful nature of the show ultimately made this team up short lived. It felt funny going from serious news, to seeing a man dressed like a women. Then things got even more awkward when they kept trying to get Felix to partake in the silliness.


Felix now anchors the weekend news with Lourdes Ramos. This turned out to be a great pair.


Although this news format was short lived, it was still nice to see. Maybe one day in the future we will see these two share a news desk once again.


Educate Es El Momento Promo – 10/21/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 10/21/2011 (1 of 2).  By YogaFrogCapsThere have only been a couple of times where Satcha has let the cameras into her home. This “Es El Momento” promo was one of them.


I like this screen capture because we get to see a different side of Satcha. Its cool to be able to see her at home chilling on the couch using a tablet. I also like the low camera angle they went with.


Unless you follow me on my social media pages, this screen capture is new to you.


Anchoring Noticiero Univision – 10/23/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 10/23/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsHere is another screen capture that falls into the “perfection” category. From a quality standpoint, I really don’t see this getting any better.


This is also a pretty rare appearance of Satcha. She has only anchored the Noticiero Univision newscast a few times. This was a result of the normal anchors being on vacation.


Anchoring Despierta America – 9/30/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 9/30/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsI’m having a hard time putting into words why this particular screen capture stands out to me. I think it has to do with her facial expression.


Its kind of like a half smile with a candid vibe to it. Notice how her right cheek is more pronounced than the other?


Its like a photographer took a last minute photo. She isn’t in a full on smile, but coming down from one.


Anchoring Primer Impacto Extra – 3/12/2011

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 5/22/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsThis screen capture really takes me back! Remember when Primer Impacto Extra use to come on? I’m not talking about the late night summarized version of Primer Impacto.


I’m talking about the weekend addition. Back then Satcha was anchoring the newscast solo. After she moved to Despierta America, Natalia Cruz took over. Now the newscast has been totally taken off the air.


This is a standout mainly because of the camera angle. Though the Primer Impacto set has remained the same for awhile, the camera angles have changed. I like how the angle is lower. We are able to see more of the set with Satcha in it.


Dancing On Despierta America – 5/25/2012

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 5/25/2012 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsHere is another screen capture showing off Satcha’s fun and playful side.


First off, the sunglasses she is sporting are awesome. They definitely boost her “coolness” factor up a couple of notches.


Satcha was even able to keep up with Raul Gonzalez during the dance. Definitely not something easy to do, as Raul has many talents.


2011 Univision Happy Holidays Promo

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 12/23/2011 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsThis promo aired in 2011 during the holiday season. I have to put this one under the rare category. Mainly because of the style in which she has her hair.


I personally have only seen her sport a ponytail when she is running. Also when she runs she almost always wears a baseball style hat. So we only get to see the ponytail coming out the back.


It was good to be able to see her do her hair like this. Maybe one day in the future she will wear it like this on Despierta America.


Satcha Co Anchors With Grover – 7/12/2013

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 7/12/2013 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsAlthough Karla Martinez and Cookie Monster was my favorite team up, this is still a classic moment.


Until seeing this, I can truly say I never thought I would be jealous of a puppet.


Grover was decked out in the business suit and glasses. And to top it off he got a head massage from Satcha. I hope you enjoyed that Grover. Haha.


Anchoring Despierta America – 5/17/2012

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 5/17/2012 (1 of 1).  By YogaFrogCapsI’m going to end this best Satcha Pretto screen captures post with this one. It was a tossup between this and the Oreo Cookie one. I ultimately went with this one because of clarity.


This is another one of my favorite outfits that she wears. What is cool is that it matches the background of the set.


I just love how she has the Despierta America mug raised with the logo perfectly being shown. Like she is offering up a toast to the viewers.


Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Photo of Satcha Pretto | Best Satcha Pretto Screen Captures | 10/21/2011 (2 of 2).  By YogaFrogCapsThere you have it. These are my best Satcha Pretto screen captures. I hope you enjoyed it.


It was a long process, but I liked doing it. I started to put these in some kind of order, but ultimately didn’t end up doing that.


I just want to say congratulations again to Satcha Pretto! She is starting a new chapter in her life and I wish her all the best going forward.


Be sure to check out her Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account. She posts to them regularly and that is the best place to find the latest information about her.


Do you have a favorite Satcha Pretto moment or memory? Do you think she will eventually start using the “Butler” last name? After she returned from the honey moon, she still referred to herself as “Satcha Pretto”.


Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest post.


Yoga Frog


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  1. Count Istvan says:

    Thumbs up Yoga.

  2. Count Istvan says:

    Sadly no.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I had no idea Satcha wore glasses until seeing that cap just now in your article.

    That is truly bizarre. Most longtime glasses wearers will tell you (and I’m not sure if you need corrective lenses or not, but I do, and I fall into this category a lot) that as great as contacts are, some days your eyes just don’t want to cooperate with having a soft plastic lense sitting over them for hours on end. So you end up wearing glasses instead.

    So either she’s pretty rare in that she’s been running on a constantly fluctuating work schedule, including extremely early morning wake up calls now, and yet her eyes never bother her enough to force her to wear her prescribed glasses…..OR….

    She was just trying it out for a fashion statement. But kind of a weak fashion statement if you only give it one try (and we’re in agreement that they looked great on her! I’d bet a lot of people who saw that shared that opinion), so that’s strange too.

    No matter what, whether it was a fashion statement trial or a one time medical situation that she doesn’t always have to follow, I’d like to see her bring the glasses back once in awhile.

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      What’s up Jeremy?

      Yeah…that’s my super-ultra rare Satcha screen capture.

      Indeed…you make good points. I’m leaning towards it was a “fashion statement”. Mainly because of all the points you made.

      Satcha is very active…running marathons and working out regularly. I just find it hard to believe that if she does wear glasses, this was the first and last time she has been seen in them.

      Thanks for commenting and enjoy the rest of your Labor Day…

    • YogaFrogCaps says:

      Oh man! Jeremy, I just had a thought. Not sure why I didn’t think of this before.

      This falls under the “What if this wasn’t a fashion statement”. Okay…What if…she got corrective eye surgery at some point?

      That would explain why she hasn’t been seen in glasses again.

      But…to debunk my own theory. During her “Es el momento” segment, she talked about her childhood and how important education was growing up.

      In that segment they showed some old photos of her from her high school and college years. It was cool to see her with her natural hair color. But guess what?

      Out of all those throw back photos, she wasn’t wearing glasses.

      Haha. Okay…I’m standing by my original “Fashion Statement” guess…

  4. Slashasterisk says:

    Awesome post, one of my all time favorites! Thanks Yogafrog.