Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo Network

The morning show legend has officially returned. Ana Maria Canseco joins Telemundo!


Ana Maria Canseco Joins The Telemundo Family

Un Nuevo Dia Promo Photo | Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo | 9/1/2013 (1 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsThis probably comes as no surprise to all the Un Nuevo Dia fans. Since Ana Maria Canseco’s first appearance on the show, she has returned numerous times. There was even a reunion with her long time friend and former coworker Neida Sandoval.


After all this went down, the rumor mill went crazy. Is Ana Maria Canseco going to continue making guest appearances on the show? Does she want to reprise her morning television role? All kinds of questions were being asked.


I was just happy to see her back in some fashion. Even if it was for a few guest hosting gigs, I was actually content with that.


However after witnessing her guest host, it became very clear to me that she wanted to come back. Telemundo played it cool though. I know they just couldn’t ignore her awesome fan base. I’m sure there was a significant ratings spike whenever she was on.


Thankfully, everything worked out. Ana Maria Canseco has officially joined the Telemundo network! She is now hosting Un Nuevo Dia along side Rashel Diaz, Adamari Lopez, and Daniel Sarcos.


I highly recommend reading Veronica Villafane’s post over at Media Moves for additional information.


Ana Maria Canseco Officially A Un Nuevo Dia Host

Un Nuevo Dia Promo Photo | Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo | 9/1/2013 (4 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsTelemundo broke the news that Ana would start hosting Un Nuevo Dia back on August 20th. As you can imagine, her fan base celebrated like crazy. It was awesome to see her getting so much love from the community.


Soon after the announcement, Ana began a tour to help promote the new season of show. It was all love as her fans came out to support her. You could tell she was humbled by all the love they were showing her.


Here is a screen capture set from her tour. Wow, look at the size of the crowd! Like I said, nothing but love for Ana Maria Canseco.

You can watch the video from her tour here.


Ana Maria Canseco Interviewed On Al Rojo Vivo

Ana Maria Canseco on Al Rojo Vivo | Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo | 8/20/2013 (2 of 7).  By YogaFrogCapsAfter the announcement, Ana was interviewed by the legendary Maria Celeste Arraras on the Al Rojo Vivo newscast. I really enjoyed this interview. Ana seemed so happy to be officially back doing what she loves to do.


Long time news anchor Jose Diaz Balart even recognized her joining the network. He said very nice things about her and was very happy to have her join the Telemundo family.


It was really great to see the long time Telemundo anchors show her love. It was nothing but respect for her from everyone.

You can view the video of her Al Rojo Vivo interview with Maria Celeste here.


Un Nuevo Dia Has Been Reborn

Un Nuevo Dia Promo Photo | Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo | 9/1/2013 (6 of 8).  By YogaFrogCapsThe Un Nuevo Dia show has officially been reborn! Ever since the “Levantate” name was retired, not much has really changed.


There have been minor changes here and there, but nothing super drastic. That is until now.


I really think that the show will rise in the ratings charts now that Ana is on board. We already know that she works well with the current hosts of the show. This was proven during her guest appearances.


Only time will tell, but in my mind there is no way this isn’t a smart move for the Telemundo network.


Congratulations Ana Maria Canseco!

Photo of Ana Maria Canseco | Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo | 9/9/2013 (1 of 4). By YogaFrogCapsAaaaah…now I can just sit back and enjoy the awesomeness! This show is officially guaranteed to improve as time goes on.


I would just like to say “Welcome Back and Congratulations” to Ana Maria Canseco! As a long time fan of your work, I am very happy to see you officially return.


I will be looking forward to many great Un Nuevo Dia shows in the future. I encourage you to show her support and follow her on Twitter.


Thoughts On Ana Maria Canseco’s Un Nuevo Dia Debut?

Un Nuevo Dia Promo Photo | Ana Maria Canseco Joins Telemundo | 9/1/2013 (7 of 8). By YogaFrogCapsThis marks her first “official” week working as a Un Nuevo Dia host. I have a couple of questions for all you awesome readers of this post:

  • How do you think she did on her first day?
  • Now that Ana is part of the show, will you start to watch more?
  • Do you prefer Un Nuevo Dia over Despierta America?

I thought her first day went great! There is no denying that she is extremely happy to be back doing what she loves. She always radiates this exciting energy and it draws you in as a viewer.


Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post. Please be sure to leave your thoughts below. Also share this post with your fellow Ana Maria Canseco fans and supporters.


Yoga Frog


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